Life is a... Coaster - Stuff by Steph
I made these precious coasters for my mom's birthday. I utilized childhood pictures to make it ultra personal.

  • 4inch wood topped cork rounds (I found mine in the gardening section at walmart)
  • Modpodge
  • A paintbrush
  • 5x7 photos
  • Something to put them in
  • Possibly sandpaper
  1. Start by choosing your photos. I found some incredible photos from my mother's childhood. I scanned them, and sent them out (as 5x7) to be printed at Walmart. Do not use an inkjet printer because the ink will bleed in later steps.
  2. Once you have your photos, place your cork rounds over the photo and trace. Make sure you have the focus of your picture under the cork. Cut along your tracing.
  3. Get your modpodge and paintbrush out and slather a layer on the wood part of the cork round.
  4. Place your picture face up on the glued surface. If your photo overlaps, wait for the glue to dry, then lightly sand the edges. Slather more modpodge on top.
  5. Let the glue dry (approx. 20 minutes), and put on another coat. Repeat a few times.
  6. Cure for 24 hours in a dry area.


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