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As I try to finish projects I've started over the summer, more ideas spike in my head. I jot most of them down in my notebook, and rarely follow through. This, however, is one of the projects I happened to think of and got all the supplies right away. They are so quick & easy to make, and the results are quite good considering the materials!

All it takes to make these are large glass pebbles with flat backs (I found mine at a dollar store, I counted 25 in my bag), card stock, permanent markers or colored pencils, and Modpodge. Simply trace the glass pebble onto card stock with a pencil, draw inside the circle whatever you want, then glue it to the back of the pebble. So easy! So cute! And the possibilities are limitless. Mine are going to be necklaces, but I can see worry stones, maybe gluing a photo on the back instead, plant markers, etc.! 

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