Distractions! - Stuff by Steph
I keep getting so distracted... This past weekend I managed to make 15 headbands to post on Etsy. I've only managed to post two so far. The internet connection at work (my mom's house: where I am for a large chunk of the day) is rather slow and it just takes so long to upload a picture.

Speaking of Etsy, that's not going so well. I've only sold 2 items since I opened the shop in 2009. Am I charging too much? How do I get my name out there without feeling like I'm spamming everyone? I'm not so good at the promoting thing. Definitely better at making things.

Today I plan on making another stocking hat. Yesterday, I managed to make my son an awesome monkey hat. He chose the animal and the colors! It came out GREAT!!

Don't forget, if you like any of my creations you can email me for more info by completing the "Contact Us" link to the left. I can do any color, any size. 
Kaylen's monkey hat.

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