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Well, it's about time. Right now, you can custom order any hat and i will make it for just $10. Seriously. Shipping is only $5. What a deal! Jump on this train just in time for christmas- click "Custom Order" no
A lot of my Etsy listings are about to expire, or have already. That being said, I decided to extend some of the listings so I could have a sale! Anything hemp is priced to sell- and quick. These are all quality hand-made necklaces and bracelets. They've all been marked down as much as 50%. So if you're a hemp lover like me, head on over to Etsy (or simply click my purchase tab) and buy to your heart's content ;)
I keep getting so distracted... This past weekend I managed to make 15 headbands to post on Etsy. I've only managed to post two so far. The internet connection at work (my mom's house: where I am for a large chunk of the day) is rather slow and it just takes so long to upload a picture.

Speaking of Etsy, that's not going so well. I've only sold 2 items since I opened the shop in 2009. Am I charging too much? How do I get my name out there without feeling like I'm spamming everyone? I'm not so good at the promoting thing. Definitely better at making things.

Today I plan on making another stocking hat. Yesterday, I managed to make my son an awesome monkey hat. He chose the animal and the colors! It came out GREAT!!

Don't forget, if you like any of my creations you can email me for more info by completing the "Contact Us" link to the left. I can do any color, any size. 
Kaylen's monkey hat.
As I try to finish projects I've started over the summer, more ideas spike in my head. I jot most of them down in my notebook, and rarely follow through. This, however, is one of the projects I happened to think of and got all the supplies right away. They are so quick & easy to make, and the results are quite good considering the materials!

All it takes to make these are large glass pebbles with flat backs (I found mine at a dollar store, I counted 25 in my bag), card stock, permanent markers or colored pencils, and Modpodge. Simply trace the glass pebble onto card stock with a pencil, draw inside the circle whatever you want, then glue it to the back of the pebble. So easy! So cute! And the possibilities are limitless. Mine are going to be necklaces, but I can see worry stones, maybe gluing a photo on the back instead, plant markers, etc.! 

Pinterest makes me want things. For example, there are great tutorials on creating with ModPodge, however anything printed with an inkjet printer will bleed, which is now why I want a laser printer. 
...and a silhouette for cutting out pretty & perfect images
...and a pasta roller to make my Sculpey flat & blended.
...and a serger to keep edges from fraying
...and an embosser, a dremmel, a sander —the list goes on. 
Maybe someday, I'll win the lottery & will be able to buy everything pinterest makes me think I need.